1. To view the full online text of an  item, search the catalogue first.

2. For search type options scroll down window (Library Catalogue) at left of the empty search box above and make a choice (Title, Author, Subject, etc)

3. After that enter your search word(s) in the empty search window provided and click Go (at right)

4. Of the numbered search results, click on the item you want for full details

5. Each item has a line that says "CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS ..."

6. When you click  on that line you will be taken directly to the full online text  of the item. Follow onscreen directions for downloading text, printing it, etc. 

Many other search options are available . By scrolling down the 'Library catalogue' text window you can limit your search to  author/subject, series, ISBN, etc.  Under Advanced Search  (below 'Library catalogue' window) you can for instance limit your search to Church documents (Encyclicals, etc.), journal articles, websites, date range of publication, etc.

To view theELibrary's full content scroll the small right window (All libraries) down to "Sharing the Word Electronic Library" and without adding a search term, click on "Go"

The following is a visual method of searching the ELibrary







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